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Take the first step towards personal growth and recovery by contacting our counseling center and arranging an appointment today.


Life is good especially when we have the “wind at our backs” and are moving “with the current”…

But what about when life and relationships are much more of a struggle?… When you feel like you’re fighting against life’s current? During those times, life can be really challenging — It’s in those moments we ALL need a little extra help and support!

Maybe you’re feeling stuck? Sinking? Overwhelmed with troubles in your life or relationships? Or maybe you’re really worried about a close friend or family member?


My clinical practice as a couples, child, marriage, and family therapist is focused on aiding my clients to accomplish their desired changes in their personal and professional lives, to feel better about themselves and their relationships, and to restore balance and wholeness to themselves and their loved ones.

Additionally, as an established counseling center and behavioral therapist here in Bothell , it is my mission to help kids and teens overcome social and school challenges, address their fears, and manage their behavior and anger issues. My goal for each prospective client is for them to look back on their counseling experience with Dr. Carlton and view it as the best decision they made all year.



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Family Therapy


Marriage & Therapist, Ed.D., LMFT

My name is Dr. Brian Carlton, the founder and director of the Chrysalis Center for Family Therapy which serves clients in Bothell, Mill Creek, and nearby areas. I have devoted my clinical practice to my therapy and counseling center in order to guide individuals and families through difficult times, providing compassionate support and effective solutions that enable them to regain stability and rediscover joy and inner peace once more.

With a well established clinical experience spanning three decades, I have been facilitating positive and practical changes by providing the assistance that individuals, couples, and families need in navigating life’s most significant challenges. If you are grappling with a sense of hopelessness and questioning the possibility of positive change, rest assured that our counseling center is here to assist you on this journey. Equipped with a diverse set of skills and a deep sense of care and respect, I can help you and your loved ones get back on track.

Start your new journey in life today!

I warmly invite you to call, text, or email me for an individual, couples, marriage, family, teen, or child therapy consultation here in Bothell and its nearby cities. Your journey to healing starts with a simple connection, and I eagerly await hearing from you soon.



In my thirty years in the field of counseling, I have consistently taken a collaborative approach to working with clients in and around Bothell in order to create unique solutions tailored to their issues and problems rather than relying on cookie cutter solutions. Consequently, the process of setting therapy goals will be a mutual decision reached by both the client and myself. I seek first to listen empathically, assess the situation, and then develop interventions that are specifically designed to promote positive change while respecting the dignity, courage, and humanness of each individual without passing judgment.

Ultimately, I endeavor to create a safe and nurturing environment, akin to a chrysalis or cocoon, for clients to grow and develop their wings towards freedom. Although I believe in the value of helping clients gain insight, I understand that insight alone may not be sufficient for complete healing. Therefore, I also focus on facilitating behavioral changes in addition to increasing their self-awareness. To achieve this, I utilize a combination of homework assignments and in-session and out-of-session tasks. Drawing from a wide range of theories, I carefully select the most appropriate therapeutic techniques that will best aid my clients in their journey to healing and progress.

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I welcome individuals, couples, and families who are prepared to seek assistance at our counseling and therapy center. As the foremost expert in marriage, family, and child therapy in Bothell, Mill Creek, and the neighboring cities, I am committed to aiding you and your loved ones in achieving your desired changes through diverse techniques. Additionally, if you are struggling with addiction or confronting anxiety, I am here to lend an empathetic ear and work together with you to find and create personalized solutions that address your specific issues. Take the first step towards personal growth and recovery by contacting our counseling center and arranging an appointment today.

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