Maybe you're feeling stuck? ...Sinking?

...overwhelmed with troubles in your life or relationships? Or maybe you’re really worried about a close friend or family member?

My clinical practice specializes in helping individuals, couples and families accomplish their desired changes in their personal and professional lives, to feel better about themselves and their relationships and to restore balance and wholeness to themselves and their loved ones. My goal for each prospective client is for them to look back after their counseling experience with Dr. Carlton and view it as the best decision they made all year.


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My name is Dr. Brian Carlton, founder and director of Chrysalis Center for Family Therapy in the Bothell/Mill Creek area. I’ve dedicated my clinical practice to support and guide you and the ones you love through difficult times—the kind of support and solutions needed to begin feeling better and living again! If you, or those you care about, are losing hope that things will ever change-- I am here to help you get through this! You and your loved ones can experience PEACE and HAPPINESS again!

With a longstanding history clinical experience of 30 years in the field, coupled with a deep sense of caring, respect and unique skills, I can help get lives back on track. By utilizing a broad range of techniques and skill, I can provide positive and practical change to navigate life’s biggest challenges.

I invite you to call, text or email me for an individual, couples, marriage, family, teen or child therapy consultation. I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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Dr. Brian Carlton
Marriage Theraphy

Marriage Therapy

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Family Therapy


In my thirty years in the field of counseling, I approach the process of collaboratively working with clients to co-create unique solutions to their issues and problems avoiding cookie cutter solutions. Consequently, setting goals in therapy is not under the complete purview of the therapist but is a mutual decision between client and therapist. I seek first to empathically listen, assess and develop interventions designed to create positive change while respecting the dignity, courage and humanness of people without judgment. At best I endeavor to create the chrysalis or cocoon, a safe environment for clients to grow and develop their wings toward freedom. Although I believe in the value of helping clients gain insight, I do not believe insight alone to be completely curative and seek to help clients change their behavior as well as their awarenesses. I, therefore, employ homework, in-session and out- of- session tasks. I select various techniques from a wide variety of theories.



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