Trusted Counseling And Therapy

In Bothell And Nearby Cities

Chrysalis Center for Family Therapy provides professional counseling and therapy services in Bothell for individuals and families. As a seasoned therapist, I am dedicated to supporting you and your loved ones through challenging times, providing the necessary support and solutions to help you get through difficult times and eventually regain a sense of well-being and embrace life anew.

I will strive to cultivate a supportive, accepting, and caring therapeutic environment, akin to a chrysalis or cocoon, where you can experience personal growth, positive change, and emerge into a more fulfilling life through the counseling and therapy services that I provide. My goal is to give you the support while providing solutions to help you start feeling better.

Here are the counseling and therapy services that I specialize in here in Bothell.

  • Overcoming Depression and Anxiety
  • Managing Anger Effectively
  • Resolving Couples Issues
  • Addressing Family Life Concerns
  • Learning Effective Parenting Strategies
  • Getting Through Grief and Loss
  • Overcoming Addiction
  • Addressing Work and Career Issues
  • Managing Stress & Social Anxiety
  • Resolving Personal and Relational Conflicts
  • Addressing Issues for all sexual orientations –YOU are welcome here
  • Facilitating Personal and Spiritual Growth

In addition to that, Chrysalis Center for Family Therapy also provides safe space to help kids and even teens.

  • Managing ADHD, Behavior & Anger Problems
  • Addressing Stress, Fears, Phobias and OCD
  • Alleviating Depression
  • Addressing Risky Behavior & Addiction
  • Overcoming Social and School Challenges
  • Managing Changes with Parents Separation & Divorce
  • Building Self-Esteem and Personal Value
  • Handling Adoption and Foster Care Concerns
  • Addressing Attachment Issues
  • Dealing with Blended Family Issues
  • Support for Single-Parent Family Systems
  • Addressing Autism, Asperberger and Down Syndrome
  • Coping with Pain Management & Physical Hardships
  • Addressing teen sexual orientation issues with acceptance

I am committed to offering professional counseling and therapy services, providing support and practical feedback to help you effectively manage life's challenges. With compassion and understanding, I will assist you in identifying and leveraging your existing strengths while equipping you with valuable skills to address life's complexities. Our collaborative efforts will be aimed at enhancing your overall well-being and quality of life.

Additionally, I can guide you in discovering the internal resources necessary for creating and enjoying the life and relationships you desire. Through our sessions, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships, empowering you to make meaningful changes that lead to a more fulfilling life.

If you are seeking a safe and supportive environment to explore personal growth and positive change, I encourage you to reach out to me. Let's discuss how counseling and therapy services can assist you in navigating life's challenges and achieving your goals.


Begin your new life journey today!